Studying with me

(Last updated 15 Sep 2021)

Find out more about cyber security research and teaching activities at Heriot-Watt University. In case you’re interested in joining our team to study for a PhD, or for an MSc Network Security degree, please contact me.

Students interested in doing a PhD with me should first consult the information about me on this site, and contact me with a description of your research interests. You can also look at my list of PhD opportunities.

My general research interests include applied cryptography, computer and network security, and usable security and privacy.

Current researchers (PhD students, unless otherwise noted):

  • You?
  • Kahraman Kostas: Behaviour Based Security with Machine Learning on IoT Networks
    Supervisors: Mike Just, Michael Lones
  • Kirsty Macmillan: Online safety and autism
    Supervisors: Tessa Berg, Mike Just
  • Tin Tironsakkul: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
    Supervisors: Manuel Maarek, Mike Just, Andrea Eross
  • Filip Bartoszewski: Machine learning and perimeter security
    Supervisors: Mike Just, Michael Lones
  • Salih Ismail: Cloud computing security
    Supervisors: Hani Ragab, Mike Just, Hind Zantout
  • Katie Watson: Mobile app privacy
    Supervisors: Mike Just, Tessa Berg
  • Esma Lounes: Machine learning and malware
    Supervisors: Mike Just, Nick Taylor

Former researchers: